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All About Dream Yoga

Notes on Dream Yoga
Dream yoga is a collection of transforming lucid dreams, conscious sleep and what we in the West call out-of-body experiences, spiritual growth practices and mental training. [0] Some interactive Dream Forums have thousands of dream members who analyze their dreams every day to find out what's hidden deep within their subconsciousness. [1] Dreaming Lucid can be the basis of dream yoga, but through the use of advanced work on tantric energy, visualizations of Tibetan iconography and the integration of psycho-spiritual or yidam archetypes, dream yoga goes far beyond our Western idea of a lucid dream. [2]
Sleep yogas, narrowly defined, teach lucid sleep, meditative clarity as they dream and as they sleep soundly. [3] Widely defined, dreamed yogas teach us to wake up from filtered, imaginary or simply confused misconceptions about ourselves, others and life in all states - dreams, deep sleep, awakening, search for vision, meditation, proximity to death and mystica…

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