Dzogchen Sky Gazing - Tibetan Buddhism

A lesson on the Dzogchen Sky Gazing Technique, from Tibetan Buddhism - How To

Once a secret, like the ones you might learn at Kamar-Taj , only given to most devout students, sky gazing is thought to help connect one to everything, as follows:

1) find a high place with a nice view of open, clear blue sky, preferable with some nice lush forests (and if you love forests, check out

2) sit, and calm the mind with deep slow breaths

3) tilt head up with a noble disposition and gaze without distraction
into the open blue sky

4) let go of thoughts, let them pass like clouds.

Alt 4) focus on the breath going in and out

5) notice how thoughts dissolve into my inner sky, like clouds do as they
float across the blue sky

alt 5 follow the breath out and notice how it dissolves in front of you

6) realize this expansive experience is the natural state of being

alt 6 follow the breath in and notice how it dissolves into inner space

7) sustain this awareness of this state of being

alt 7 keep following the breath and notice how it dissolves into the outer and inner
space repeatedly.

extra step for alts
8) - notice the inner and outer sky is one

Source:  Skygazing meditation Youtube below:

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