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Notes on Dream Yoga

Dream yoga is a collection of transforming lucid dreams, conscious sleep and what we in the West call out-of-body experiences, spiritual growth practices and mental training. [0] Some interactive Dream Forums have thousands of dream members who analyze their dreams every day to find out what's hidden deep within their subconsciousness. [1Dreaming Lucid can be the basis of dream yoga, but through the use of advanced work on tantric energy, visualizations of Tibetan iconography and the integration of psycho-spiritual or yidam archetypes, dream yoga goes far beyond our Western idea of a lucid dream. [2]

Sleep yogas, narrowly defined, teach lucid sleep, meditative clarity as they dream and as they sleep soundly. [3Widely defined, dreamed yogas teach us to wake up from filtered, imaginary or simply confused misconceptions about ourselves, others and life in all states - dreams, deep sleep, awakening, search for vision, meditation, proximity to death and mystical experiences. [4You will find there in your dreams a peaceful and authentic place to practice yoga and the opportunity to recover your energy in a relaxing and beautiful setting. [5]

Dream yoga classes can range from early in the morning to late in the evening and offer you several ways to practice all day long. [6Com is an example of a more holistic understanding of Dream Yoga, because it includes a clear sleepy and deep dream, as well as the awakening and changing of states of consciousness. [7When you learn to wake up from your delusions, to wake up from your scripts and dramas and to come into the clarity of your awake life, the clarity that you achieve in your sleep will be clearer, wider and more complete, for you, the dreamer, the receiver of all your experiences, are more awake. [8]

Dream Yoga practice may look like this: Four days a week, four days a week, we take on silence in the morning before and after the exercise to avoid creating too much nuisance for our mind, which allows a deeper experience before we go into the lesson. [9] The main theme is yoga, and during the practice develop your practice by sharing space and sometimes discovering Ashtang, Yin, Meditation Mindfulness and Pranayama Practices. [10] Dream Yoga programs can be carefully prepared by highly trained Ayurvedic physicians and include therapeutic massages, deep detoxification techniques, herbal remedies, personalized diets, yoga, meditation and lifestyle transformation experiences. [11]

If you are already practicing clear dreams, you will find them because remembering your dreams is the key to a clear dream that you can look at in every way you can. [12]

When meditating on your dreams, repeat the mantra: RAOM GAOM, emphasizing O and dividing each word into two syllables. [14]

It is also possible to make several yogic practices during the dream (usually such yogic practices are made in a waking state even if the product and fruit of sadhana is very accelerated due to the context of learning, playing and practice). [15]

If you suffer from poor sleep, nightmares or even sleeplessness, just Yoga stretches will increase your chances of a healthier sleep and better dreams 10 minutes before your bed. [16]

In addition to Dream Yoga, be sure to explore a variety of yoga practices such as Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Yoga Nidra and meditation. [17]

In addition to practicing yoga, meditation, songs and rituals every day, you can enjoy wellness treatments, discover the countryside of Ubud by strolling through the paddy fields and along the country roads. [18]





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