Does Blue Lotus Flower Make You High? Answer

Does Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) Get You High?

The answer is no. According to this Blue Lotus review video, despite claims that when smoked or drank, the Blue Lotus gets you high, this reviewer disagrees. This reviewer says it gives you a sense of relaxation, zen, center, opening of chakras, feeling energy flow, you can feel your auras, feel the energy of things. It's a unique plant. He claims it can be extracted in water, despite experts saying otherwise. He suggests taking it when you are going to meditate (saying that it takes 10-20 minutes to feel the effects).

Here is a Blue Lotus tea review, with the reviewer saying it tastes bitter like dandelion. After drinking the tea, the reviewer had intense dreams. This reviewer did not feel any sedative effect, nor did she have visions, despite using a lot of it, enough to turn the water dark. She says some people describe it as a weak marijuana.

According to these reviews, even if this was the blue flower in Batman, it would not have caused the effect we saw Batman have.

DISCLAIMER: we are not suggesting doing drugs. Talk with your doctor before trying anything.This content is to serve for research purposes only, not as advice on how to use Blue Lotus. We also do not ensure accuracy of any of this information.


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