Haiku Syllable Counter Tool

Best Tool for Counting The Number of Syllables in a Haiku

 Have you been looking for a tool to use in order to count the syllables in your haikus? The best tool to use is at www.haikuexamples.com . Just go to that website and you will find the haiku syllable counter at the very top. Simply enter your text, and then push the button to tally the number of syllables. For examples, if I wrote a haiku like this:

A spider moves along
the wall, outside,
which is OK

And, then put that into the tool, below:

haiku syllables counter tool
haiku syllable counter tool

You can see how it tells you exactly how many syllables there are in each line. Of course, in this case, we would want to subtract one syllable from the first line, add two syllables to the second, and add two to the third line.



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