How To Make a Keisaku Stick - For Sale, Buy Now

How To Make a Keisaku Stick - 

To make a keisaku stick. First, get the right material for making your "warning stick". Traditionally, this "awakening stick" is made of thin wood. You can cut wood down into a thin strip, or buy a slat to serve as your keisaku. If you want to make a keisaku, this should be fairly easy, or you can also use bamboo to make your "encouragement stick" (yet another name for it), by simply cutting it into a slat, or buying a bamboo slat and using it. It shoud be very thin, and kept light enough not to inflict any real harm, and only serve to reinvigorate the meditator. It is under no circumstances to be used as punishment. 

Materials: bamboo or light wood
Length: 3-5 feet long
Width: 1/4-1/8 inch or less, depending on type of wood
Shape: wider at the business end, and more of a handle or rounded shape for the master wielding it.

Or if you don't want to make one, you can buy a keisaku stick & order it custom made. Be careful not to confuse the keisaku stick with the yoga danda stick, both of which are meditation sticks, but the keisaku is a traditional Japanese meditation stick for whacking students, with their permission of course, to keep them alert during meditation.

For those who have never seen the keisaku stick or zen stick in action, watch this meditation student get slapped by the jikjitsu (monk in charge) with the keisaku zen stick on this video (below). In this video you can see how to use a keisaku and exactly how the zen master strikes the student to keep him awake and alert during meditation:

Below is a picture of a keisaku zen slap stick, from Wikipedia.

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Keisaku Stick / Zen Stick - For Sale, Buy Now

To buy a artisan crafted traditional  keisaku zen stick, contact Micah Goldfarb at Asheville NC based Spoke LLC at info -at- to discuss designing & ordering. Because these zen sticks are custom designed and made, expect the cost / price to be $100-200 each, plus shipping.  


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