Frontiersman Bear Spray Review

My Review of Frontiersman Bear Spray 

By Jonathan
frontiersman bear spray review
Source: Amazon, where i bought this

I just bought a can of the Frontiersman Bear Spray. It claims to be "maximum strength & maximum range". The 7.9 oz bottle is supposed to shoot 30 Feet. This can of bear spray ended up being $29.72 on Amazon, which was not the cheapest but close to it. The cheapest bear spray was actually the Ruger Tornado  at $25.70, but then I read a review about the ingredients in that bear spray being carcinogenic and decided to pick another one. Why potentially hurt the bear long-term. But, of course I couldn't read the ingredients on the picture of Frontiersman Bear Spray, so who knows. Also, the reason I didn't get the Ruger Tornado bear spray and decided this one was the best, was that it had many more reviews, mostly positive.

The bad reviews said that sometimes this bear spray would not shoot or work, which would be disturbing, like a gun misfiring, so I'll be asking Frontiersman (well, it's actually sabre red that puts out this line) how often this happens, along with asking about the ingredients.

I also did not buy the Guard Alaska Bear Spray at $32.98 because people reported in reviews that it only shot about 10-15 feet. Here are some other reviews on it.

I also thought about buying the UDAP bear spray but the cost was too much compared to others like Frontiersman that claim the same thing, the only difference being that UDAP says it's the what if it's a little hotter as long as it works right?!

Here are the answers to the above questions:

1) What are the ingredients?

The basic formulation is active ingredient, solvents / carriers, and propellant.
The active ingredient is Oleoresin Capsicum (CAS # 8023-77-6), derived from peppers.
Solvents are a glycol ether (CAS # 112-34-5), propylene glycol (co-solvent, CAS # 57-55-6), and isopropanol (co-solvent, CAS # 67-63-0).
Propellant is HFC-134a (liquefiable under pressure, CAS # 811-97-2).
The SDS is attached.

2) Are any of these carcinogenic?

No. Tox studies have been performed both for the discrete components (by our suppliers) and for the total formulation (by us). The SDS has toxicological data in section 11.

3) How often does a new spray not work? (I saw a lot of reviews on amazon about this happening)

I think from “not work”, you mean the product will not deploy. For aerosols in general, this occurs due to a propellant leak. Our QC process screens 100% of all units with a water bath at 120F to reveal any units that may have seal integrity failures. Despite this, we cannot control for handling or storage conditions once the product leaves our facility, and this can contribute to impact pinholes or other means by which the propellant will escape over time.

If by “not work” you mean the biological efficacy seems absent, we have seen this in the past with some of our competitors, who use oleoresin of unknown concentration, and also cannot quantify the strength of final formulation. Our QC process involves HPLC determination of the final concentration of major capsaicinoids for every batch we produce. The instrument has a sensitivity down to 3 parts per million, and we can thus state with certainty that the contents reflect the label claim.

For more info, see:

When we have a legitimate customer return, the lab will launch a Root Cause Analysis to determine the etiology of failure. Almost all these are due to the rough handling or storage mentioned above. In the years I have been here, out of the tens of thousands of units sent out, I can count on one hand the number of cases where a failure was directly traceable to a manufacturing defect.

Re amazon reviews, in our experience, much of these are posted by those with specious motives, whether attempting to get free product, or they’ve done something foolish (like try to use in -20F) and want the manufacturer to pick up the tab, or even just want to troll and stir up trouble, eh? “Some people just want to watch the world burn.”

I hope I have answered all your questions fully. Feel free to contact me back with any further info you may need.

Thanks for your business,

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