The Maccabees Update: Newest Google Algorithm Change, December 2017

The Maccabees: Google's Most Recent Algorithm Update - 12/17

As of December 12, 2017, The Maccabees Update, Google's most recent algo change, is reportedly wiping out 30-40% of the traffic from websites that have had #1 ranking for many years, and in some cases replacing those with 40-50 word thin content from .wordpress sites (read comments here). With that being said, it's just chatter right now, though Google won't ever really confirm or deny these kinds of things, it's usually just a conclusion that is made once enough people fill out surveys like this to prove it's a real thing. 

There aren't many sites talking about the most recent algo update, but for a week all those comments are gushing in on's article, so it seems like a legit update. However, no one has mentioned what sites are getting hit, though it can be inferred that it's probably the same ole thing (bad content, hosting from spammy hosts, mobile unfriendly sites, slow page load, etc.)


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