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1、The development course of the company

Luzhou Yezhizhen Food Co.,Ltd.,Sichuan,China is one specialized is engaged in the series products of bamboo shoots and agroforestry products production, processing, sales for the integration of green food processing enterprises, the registered capital of 26 million yuan, is the only company with import and export right of xuyong export-oriented companies. Company was founded in 1998, officially established in May 2004, covers an area of over 6000 square meters, in 2012 and expanded to more than 2012 square meters, the company has advanced production equipment, professional and technical personnel, scientific management, and from the surrounding counties and yunnan, guizhou bamboo shoots ChengChanDe high quality bamboo raw materials, pure natural, pollution-free. The annual production capacity of the company's bamboo shoots is 5,000 tons and can be organized and produced according to the customers' needs.

2、The company's development philosophy and policy

Luzhou Yezhizhen Food Co.,Ltd. always adhere to the "carry forward the spirit of the bamboo, always create the industry model" business philosophy, "strives for the survival by the quality, striving for market by the good faith, to brand and promote development" the management policy, "the duty is heavy, the good faith as this, having both ability and political integrity, good for for this" the management idea, "constantly striving, pioneering and innovative, condensed the force, the pursuit of excellence" spirit of wild plant j, combined with the company staff, high-spirited, with wisdom and hardworking hands, together to create the miracle of corporate success. Insist on the guarantee of quality is to improve the enterprise benefit, and thoughtful service, won the majority of customers trust and love for the purpose, to "safeguard the interests of the customer insist on the principle of good faith service" "the good faith management, in accordance with the law, management, people-oriented, service first" faith, to do the "conscience products, tree brand integrity. Quality assurance, professional services experience, efforts to develop.

3、Company trademarks and markets

Create with side of "bamboo", "jin zhu yuan", "wild plant Jane" "roll" for the brand of bags, bottled, boxed and salted bamboo shoots, QingShuiSun five series, the bamboo shoots of distinctive class leisure green food. Open baggie ready-to-eat product is pure, spicy and sweet, light and delicious, high quality and low price, not only popular with consumers, but also one of the top products of distributor active agents. Salted bamboo shoots and fresh bamboo shoots are the top choice of cooking, which can be fired, braised, Fried, braised, etc., which is in line with the national import and export hygienic standard, and is always direct to Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

4、Social benefits

The company has adopted "company + farmers + base" to develop bamboo shoots and agricultural and sideline products industry, signing orders of 500,000 mu per year. It will increase the farmers' income by about 35 million yuan, and can solve the problem of 300 to 500 employees.

5、Certification of enterprises

Luzhou Yezhizhen Food Co.,Ltd. In 2015, has passed the international certification: GB/T22000-2006 / ISO22000:2005 food safety management system certification and HACCP system certification, the company now has the enterprise standard: Q/YZZ0001S - 2017 vegetables (water) and the enterprise standard: Q/YZZ0002S - 2017 (such as instant vegetables).

6、All kinds of honors obtained by the company

Company won the "2015 annual while luzhou agricultural industrialization key leading enterprise", 2010-2010 provincial administration for industry and commerce as "provincial contract heavy credit enterprise", sichuan province, argues the cooperation of "honest and trustworthy advanced unit", "luzhou characteristic tourist commodities gold award", "xuyong county scientific and technological innovation projects, unit", "outstanding private enterprises", "3.15 quality credit union unit in sichuan province" "while luzhou famous trademark" and a series of honorary certificate.

7、Listing of enterprises

Under the guidance of the county financial office in 2016, the exhibition board was listed at the chengdu (sichuan) equity trading center in December 2016, securities code: 101777. In 2017, it will be reviewed and filed by huaxi stock exchange.

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