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The difference between bamboo shoots and bamboo shoots?

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The difference between bamboo shoots and bamboo shoots?

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  The same quality, quality, location contrast

  The taste of winter bamboo shoots may be more delicate than the bamboo shoots, that is slightly rough bamboo shoots. The main problem is the taste of the mouth, let us look at one of the most intuitive data that affect the taste - dietary fiber. Dietary fiber can not be digested and absorbed by the body, please make up the brain to eat their own barking, naughty grass-roots intoxicating screen - that taste certainly not good, but why the shortage of people to eat? Because dietary fiber can increase satiety. After all, the kind of rough feeling of dietary fiber will not be too good, so in this session, with my superficial opinion, the lower the data, the better. The same as the 100g bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots up to 2.8g dietary fiber and bamboo shoots but only 0.8g. Why do I want to control a bunch of variables? Afraid of some mischievous goblin told me: not right! I eat bamboo shoots shoot tip is better than the root of bamboo shoots tender ~!

  The same quality, quality conditions

  Winter bamboo shoots may be more delicious than bamboo shoots. [The following explanation may not be scientific, just to understand, I hope professionals ax or pat] There are many magic gadgets on our tongue called taste buds, when they are combined with the chemical substances in food to produce a wonderful Taste - sweet and sour salty. Some proteins carry a "umami" factor, combined with the taste buds, you're cool. So I'm just rude and not careful enough to just look at the protein content - if the protein content is high, those may have a rich smell of leprechaun appearance is high, you are more likely to taste the flavor. With the same 100g, bamboo shoots protein 4.2g and bamboo shoots but only 2.4g. However, this is not necessarily accurate, because I do not know the two types of bamboo shoot specific protein ratio.


  From a nutritional point of view, spring bamboo shoots blasting finished

  Simple and crude reason, in the case of the quality of 100g, the types of trace elements contained in bamboo shoots is much higher than the winter bamboo shoots. Crudely said: Spring shoots more nutritious than bamboo shoots.

  From the perspective of weight loss, spring shoots more attractive than winter bamboo shoots

  Spring bamboo shoots only half the heat. Although scientific and nutritious weight loss method does not advocate only the calories, but as a fat-weight fat paper, I saw the lower calorie choice or involuntarily voted my favorite look ~ simply sum up, just consider Taste, winter bamboo shoots may be more plentiful and tasty, and bamboo shoots more simple and fresh. If you take into account the cooking practices, bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, this is a good synchronization rate of good friends, such as in the stir need to boil water to remove the sour taste. Look at bamboo dishes, that is where you have me, I have you ~ a lot of vegetables, whether with bamboo shoots or bamboo shoots are delicious, taste taste different, but since the main focus is on the difference, I would like to Cite two cases of a senior in southern Jiangsu bamboo shoots who seem most representative dishes, in both, bamboo shoots and bamboo shoots will their strengths, characteristics play to the extreme, can not be replaced by each other!

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