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Bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots healthy

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Bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots healthy

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  Low calorie: bamboo shoots low calories, 100 grams of bamboo shoots only 27 calories. [3]

  Rich Fiber: Bamboo shoots are rich in fiber content, so this food also helps to suppress hunger.

  Potassium: Bamboo shoots are rich in potassium content. Potassium A blood pressure regulating mineral. Therefore, the consumption of bamboo shoots to maintain blood pressure health helpful.

  Bamboo shoots food therapeutic effect

  Bamboo shoots sweet, slightly cold, stomach, lungs

  With nourishing Yin and cooling blood, and Runchang, heat phlegm, thirst quencher annoying, heat Qi, Li Ge Shuang stomach, diuretic laxative, detoxification Touzhen, Yanggan eyesight, the effect of digestion, but also appetizers spleen, Wide intestine and diaphragm, bowel defecation, phlegm phlegm, eliminate greasy, hangover poison

  Indications loss of appetite, appetite is not open, ruffian chest tightness, constipation, phlegm stagnation, physical obesity, nausea and other diseases drunkenness.


  【Remarks】: There are more than 250 species of bamboo in China, and most of the sprouts can be used for bamboo shoots.

  Bamboo shoots food therapeutic value

  Gramineae bamboo subfamily bitter bamboo, light bamboo, bamboo and other young seedlings. Also known as bamboo Meng, bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots. Since the source points, there are bitter bamboo shoots, light bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots and so on. Mainly to adopt the season, there are winter bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, whip bamboo shoots and so on. Located in the Yangtze River and southern parts. After obtaining, shelling fresh, or processing (drying, dipping) storage reserve.

  【Performance】: sweet, slightly bitter, cold. Can phlegm, clearing heat annoying, Tom Lee two will.

  [Reference]: containing protein, amino acids, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene and vitamin B1. B2. C and other ingredients.

  【Uses】: for phlegm cough, mediastinal diaphragm adverse; stomach hot, irritability thirsty; urine adverse, stool poor.

  Usage: cold, cooking, or fried.

  【Note】: Zanning "bamboo shoots" said: "Although the bamboo shoots are sweet, but slippery colon, not beneficial to the spleen." So non-benefit thing.


  1. Cold fresh shoots: fresh bamboo shoots 60g, cooked slices, with ginger (cut into fine particles), fat or vegetable oil, vinegar, salt, mixed with food. The side take fresh bamboo shoots phlegm, breath, supplemented by ginger Huatanzhike. Used for phlegm cough, mediastinum unfavorable.

  2. Fresh bamboo shoots porridge: fresh bamboo shoots 60g, cooked slices, with japonica rice 50 ~ 100g, with the amount of water into a gruel, plus lard, salt seasoning food. This side specializes in bamboo shoots sliding colorectal power. Can be used for heat in the large intestine, the knot is unruly.

  3 depends on whether fresh.

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