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Why shoot bamboo shoots from the soil

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Why shoot bamboo shoots from the soil

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  Bamboo is mainly for asexual reproduction, every spring from bamboo shoots grow underground shoots, and then develop into a new bamboo. Bamboo whip is underground stems, and plant roots, stems and leaves belong to vegetative organs of plants, relying on vegetative organ reproduction is called vegetative reproduction. Bamboo underground stems can be divided into three types: uniaxial underground stems can continue to grow, buds are born on both sides of the lateral buds develop into shoots; co-axis top buds develop into shoots, shoots produce new underground stems, connected to form a shaft , Underground stems produce bamboo clumps dense clumps, pandas like to eat the happy bamboo and Chinese orange, belong to this category; in addition there is a complex shaft type, is a mixture of the two.

  People often say that protein, amino acids, vitamins B1, B2, C, carotene, calcium, iron, phosphorus and many other human needs of vitamins can be added when eating bamboo shoots, is not a bit can not believe it? Not only that, these vitamins in the bamboo shoots is also very rich in content, bamboo shoots in a variety of vitamins and carotenoids content is more than 2 times the Chinese cabbage. These vitamins can help enhance the body's immune function, improve the body's ability to prevent diseases and diseases. It can be said that bamboo shoots is an excellent health food.


  Things in the world are two-sided, bamboo shoots are no exception. Although bamboo shoots contain a variety of nutrients needed by the human body, eating more will also affect the health of the human body, because bamboo shoots also contain an inappropriate body composition - oxalate. Oxalates deeply affect the body's absorption of calcium, for the growth and development of bone growth requires a lot of calcium minors, can not often eat bamboo shoots, otherwise it will delay the growth. For patients suffering from urinary system, bamboo shoots should not be eaten too much because the oxalates in bamboo shoots are easily combined with calcium in other foods to form insoluble calcium oxalate, which aggravates the patient's condition. From a health point of view, we generally cook bamboo shoots in boiling water for 5-10 minutes, let the bamboo shoots decompose most of the oxalates and astringency at high temperatures, remove and cook together with other foods, which can be reduced to a certain extent Oxalate effects on the human body. Bamboo shoots are cold food, contains a lot of crude fiber, can promote intestinal peristalsis, increased gastrointestinal vibration amplitude, is not conducive to gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, gastric hemorrhage and chronic gastroenteritis disease rehabilitation. Some people allergic to bamboo shoots, it is best not to eat.

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